This Web Site represents Mr. Dave Hutton's twenty-five years of experience with the Shell International Oil Company working in locations such as Venezuela, Scotland, Malaysia, Sultanate of Oman and Nigeria.

The main aim of this web site is to introduce potential oil field employees to some of the possibilities within the industry. Engineers are needed by Oil and Gas companies all over the world

In the oil and Gas industry there are 5 principal components to the process:

  • Exploration (seismic and drilling)
  • Project Development (including engineering design and construction)
  • Production and Maintenance of the infrastructure (wells, stations, pipelines and tank farms)
  • Export of Oil and Gas (crude oil tankers and gas liquefaction vessels)
  • Refining of Crude Oil

The exploration for new oil and gas reservoirs is becoming more and more difficult. New areas of exploration are now limited. Alaska and Afghanistan may be the last big finds. The upkeep and renovation of existing (and rapidly aging) facilities is one of the major tasks of any Oil and Gas Company. Improving current productivity and maintaining profitability in a time of fluctuating economical and political uncertainty is imperative.

With my 25 years of experience with one of the leading oil companies, Shell International, I am currently available as a consultant to the industry. I specialize in training workshops and seminars to oil companies, schools and universities and professional organizations on the following topics:

  • Hydrocarbon Planning and Availability
  • Engineering Management
  • Team Building

If you or your company would like to have more details on my services, please e-mail me at

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