"The most powerful form of learning comes not from listening to the good words of others but from sharing what we know. I have found that sharing this knowledge across cultural barriers has been a tremendous benefit to teachers and students in both American and Latin American countries."

Lic. Ana Maria Andrada, Directora
Centro Blas Pascal I.D.I.E.
Buenos Aires, Argentina

This web site is designed as a resource for teachers and parents concerned with providing children and young adults with an appreciation and understanding of the study of environmental science. The contents of this web site describe activities that parents, teachers, and children can interactively take part in to help develop environmental awareness. This is done through curriculum, photographs and additional resources. This web site will demonstrate to the student that our environment is the world's concern - not geographically dependent on the inhabitants of one locale. Students can take a virtual fieldtrip to the Mayan Rainforest using the web site and internet links. The national Geography Standards can provide a framework for students to learn more about our Big Blue Planet we call Home. Viewing the environment from space can show how space photography has enhanced our environment and understanding. Hispanic role models include astronauts who have continued to study the stars and planets just as the Mayans of Central and South America studied them to create an early calendar to help with crop production.

SPECIAL NOTE: This web site along with the books, Journey Through Air and Space and Space Activities for the New Millennium are available in Spanish. The material is part of the curriculum at Centro Blas Pascal, an Argentinean science and technology center, as well as other South American countries. Accompanying CD-ROMS with interactive PDF files with images, video and exercises with a final quiz will soon be available.

Additional goals of this website are:

  • To identify methods and experiences in our schools and communities that encourage people to plant trees and be wise environmental stewards.
  • To promote environmental education by gaining knowledge of species that inhabit the rainforest.
  • To create an educational program template that can be used to enhance environmental awareness.
  • To provide a quality, educational visit to the Yucatan Peninsula for individuals who are interested in cultural diversity, ecology, trees, history, and environmental education.
  • To identify projects that can demonstrate how space concepts and knowledge can enhance the geography curriculum.
  • To recognize the National Geography Standards and relate them to real-world experiences.

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